Priority Registration

Priority Registration for Summer and Fall 2017 term runs March 20, 2017 through March 31. Open Registration for summer runs April 1, 2017 through May 15, 2017. Open Registration for fall runs April 1, 2017 through August 27, 2017. During open registration period, students can create or adjust summer or fall 2017 course schedules online in One.IU.

Summer 2017

The first billing statements for summer 2017 will be created on April 20, 2017. Students will receive a statement notification email and gain access to the April 2017 electronic statement by April 22. The first official due date for the summer 2017 term will be May 10, 2017. Federal financial aid for the summer 2017 term will be disbursed on April 29, 2017. The first round of refunds (direct deposit and checks) will be processed on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Holiday Hours

The Office of the Bursar holiday 2017 schedule may be viewed here.

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Tuition & Fee Estimator

Our tuition and fees estimator lets you get an idea of course costs based on your program of interest, number of classroom hours, and other factors.

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Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, refunds for dropped classes, financial aid, or any other refundable credits can come directly to you and bypass printing and mailing of a paper refund check.

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Global Pay for Students

Introducing a new international payment option:
•An easy, convenient way to pay
•Affordable rates and no hidden fees
•Payments arrive fast and in full
•Trusted and chosen by IUPUI

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If you forgot to pay by the 10th, don't worry! You won't get a late fee until the 14th, so pay before then!

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@IUPUI @kels_annc Our office can't help with wait listed classes. That would be the Office of the Registrar. You ca

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@alexxishaarris Most refunds have already been disbursed and received. Have you checked to see if your aid applied

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@kristen_hope11 If you want to find out if yours was returned, please call us at 317-274-2451 or email us at bursar

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@kristen_hope11 If the old bank account information was on your account when we processed the refund it would have

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@ex_ZACH_ly @Be_Silly_Billie @IUPUIKidPrblms @IUPUI @iupuiOSFS We can't promise the 4th, as it is up to your bank t

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

Federal Aid for Spring 2018 applied to accounts today! If you have direct deposit set up, expect it in your bank on

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@Be_Silly_Billie @IUPUIKidPrblms @IUPUI @iupuiOSFS Thanks for being on it!

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

@IUPUIKidPrblms @IUPUI @iupuiOSFS We start processing refunds for Spring 18 today. If you have direct deposit set u

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

Spring 2018 bills are now on your account. Go to to see yours!

- IUPUI Bursar (@IUPUIBursar)

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