Our Mission

We preserve the accuracy of student accounts, provide timely financial information and ensure fiscal responsibility with commitment to comprehensive, solution-driven customer service in support of the University's mission and the growth of our campus community.

Meet our Leadership Team

Dan Youngblood, Director

Dan Youngblood


The Office of the Bursar is responsible for customer service, student billing and the assessment of tuition, fees, campus housing and other university-related charges billed through the bursar account. We also accept military/sponsor vouchers and send invoices to third-party agencies, process student refunds and are responsible for student accounts receivable collection activities for both the Indianapolis and Columbus campuses.
We pride ourselves on being honest, open and transparent in our dealings with students, faculty, staff and the general public. While we can't always give the answers you want to hear, helping you get the correct advice and direction is an incredible responsibility that we take very seriously. Our friendly staff is waiting to serve you and we look forward to hearing from you. I want to hear your suggestions and feedback on how to make our services and our website better. Here's wishing you all the best in your academic career!

Our Principles


We are personally committed to accountability, respectfulness and honesty.


We promote creativity and continual improvement through teamwork and the use of emerging technologies.


We model openness, reliability, sincerity and humility to create a supportive environment in which extraordinary things happen.


We respect a life/work balance and diversity by encouraging compassion, care and joy in the workplace.

Kelly Smith, Executive Associate Bursar

Kelly Smith

Executive Associate Bursar

Leadership and support for all areas, Fee Assessment, Student Collections, Bankruptcy, Uncollectible Debt, Account Litigation & System Support.

Kelly worked her way through the ranks and has been with the Office of the Bursar for 20 years. Kelly is responsible for management oversight of the following business processes: student billing, personal deferments, fee assessment, Veterans' and military tuition assistance, internal fee remissions, student account collections and tuition disputes. Kelly is also our lead analyst in support of the Student Information System ('SIS').

Dawn Cordray, Senior Assistant Bursar

Dawn Cordray

Senior Assistant Bursar

Customer Services (including phones & email), Tuition Disputes, Loan Returns, Cashiering, Short Term Loans & SFS Liaison

Dawn has worked hard to earn her current role as our senior customer service officer and has been with the Office of the Bursar for 15 years. Dawn is responsible for management oversight of the customer service areas, including account analysis and problem resolution, student refunding and sponsor accounts. Dawn's team is also responsible for cashiering functions, returned payments, direct deposit, loan returns and imaging/document management.

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