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Approximate Tuition Cost

Approximate Mandatory and Program Fees

Auxiliary Fees

Mandatory Fees for 2015-16 include General Fees for all students except Flat-Rate Medical/Dental students. Those students taking six credit hours or less will pay $210.38 per semester, and those students taking more than six credit hours will pay $361.10.

Mandatory Fees also include a Fee for Repairs and Rehabilitation of Facilities. This fee is assessed at the rate of $13.55 per credit hour for the first 12 credit hours taken each semester. Flat-Rate students will be assessed a charge of $162.60 per semester for the R&R fee.

The Housing and Residence Life billing system calculates rent on a daily basis. All rates above have been estimated using the full summer session (90 days). Actual rates will vary upon length of stay. Please visit for more information.

Parking rates are calculated on a monthly basis. All rates above are calculated for the full summer session (3 months). Actual rates will vary upon number of months needed.

Other Costs to Consider

Laboratory and other course fees: Some courses taken at IUPUI have specific laboratory or course fees that are in addition to the credit hour fee paid for the course. You can review the Master Fee Listing to identify if your courses have additional fees.

Parking Permits: Student Parking rates

Campus Housing: IUPUI Housing rental rates

Meal Plans:

Textbook Options: Barnes and Noble @IUPUI bookstore.

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