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here are some important things to keep in mind about student bursar accounts.

Want to estimate costs?

Want to estimate tuition and mandatory fee costs? Check out the most popular page for visitors to our website and try the Tuition and Fee Estimator!” For more specific cost estimates, use the Master Fee Listing.

Need to pay fees for a student using a fee remission?

From a business process perspective, we treat departmental fee remissions basically the same as an external sponsor arrangement. To initiate a fee remission to pay tuition and other fees for a student, you must submit a financial voucher indicating what portion of the student’s tuition and fees should be charged to the fee remission account. In this case, the financial voucher is basically an email sent to sponsor@iupui.edu that includes the following information:

  • Fee Remission Name and/or Account Number + Object Code
  • Student Name and University Identification Number (UID),
  • Authorized Term or range of dates covered by the financial voucher,
  • Name, email address and phone number of the primary contact person in the department,
  • Amount authorized or the kinds of charges covered by the financial voucher.

SIS Transactions and the monthly accounting feed

Transactions from the Student Information System (SIS) will be transferred to departmental income and expenses accounts once a month during the accounting. For more detailed information concerning the distribution of tuition and related fees, contact your responsibility center (RC) fiscal officer or the IUPUI Budget Office. A current listing of RC fiscal officers can be found on the budget office website. The Accounting Feed Detail report provides detail of accounting transactions by institution, account number and object code. The required report parameters are account number and accounting year. However, the more information provided in the parameters, the more specific the data will be. The report is updated two days after the accounting feed. If you don't have access to the report, simply complete the request form.

Encourage students to use direct deposit for refunds.

Direct Deposits are more secure than checks and are usually in the student account within 3-5 business days, as opposed to 10-14 days for a check to be mailed. Two factor authentication also protects the student’s banking and personal information in the direct deposit system, so it is also much more secure than a check mailed through the postal service. Click here for more information.

Students can earn college credit by taking an exam or by credentials/experience.

To learn more about the process including the rates for special credits, click here.

Need Training on how to read SIS student financial information?

General job aides tutorials are available for students and staff through the Indiana University IT Training website. If more personalized training for departmental staff is desired, contact the IUPUI Office of the Bursar by email at bursar@iupui.edu

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