Whether you are a new student or continuing student,

here are some important things to keep in mind about your bursar account.

It is very important to check your IUPUI email account regularly.

Your bills and all official university communications will be sent to this address. To learn how to create and manage your email, visit itaccounts.iu.edu

Third Party Users

If you would like someone (parent, grandparent, etc) to have access to your Bursar account information, you must assign them Third Party Access.

Set Up Third Party Users

Residency Status

Tuition is assessed based on whether or not the student is considered a resident of the State of Indiana for Fee-Payment purposes. For a listing of FAQs and the rules for determining residency visit registrar.iupui.edu.

Always review the refund periods online before dropping a class.

You may still owe for all or a portion of a dropped class if dropped after the semester has started. A refund schedule is available. If you received financial aid for the semester, check with the financial aid office to see if your aid will be impacted before dropping a class.

Managing your college money is important

Smart financial decisions now could pay off significantly in the future. For ideas on how to manage your banking relationships and college money more effectively, consider visiting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website and browsing the student financial guides.

Personal Deferment Option

We understand that college is expensive, and you may not be able to pay your entire bill in one lump sum. Take advantage of the deferment option to pay over several months.

Looking for scholarships?

Check out scholarship opportunities at Scholarship Central.

Sign up for Direct Deposit to get refunds faster

Direct Deposits to your bank account are more secure than checks and are usually in your account within 3-5 business days of the processing date in One.IU. To learn how to set up direct deposit, view the tutorial or sign up page.

Set Up Direct Deposit

Plan ahead if you are going to take courses during the summer semester

Talk with a Financial Aid Advisor to make sure you still have aid available for summer.

What are some options for personal banking in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis offers many banks from which to choose for your personal banking needs. The provided list includes some Indianapolis banks close to the campus and their local addresses along with contact information for the main branch.

View a list of local banks

Bills are always due on the 10th day of the month

Student bills are generally available on the third Thursday of each month and are always due on the 10th of the following month, even if that day falls on a weekend or during a holiday. Check your email for a billing notice toward the end of each month, even if you don’t think you have any fees due.

What is the General Fee?

The general fee is a mandatory fee assessed to all students enrolled in courses at IUPUI. The fee is assessed for on and off-campus courses, based on the reasoning that all students affiliated with IUPUI benefit from the reputation of the strong academic and student experience of the campus. In many cases students will pay less under this structure than they would have in the past. Click Here for more detailed information.

What is the Repair and Rehabilitation Fee?

The repair and rehabilitation fee is a mandatory assessed to all students enrolled courses at IUPUI. The fee is assessed for on and off-campus courses and is intended to assist with the costs of necessary repairs and on-going maintenance costs of buildings on the IUPUI campus. Funds were historically allocated by the state legislature for these costs, these allocations were discontinued in 2011

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